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X2 Connect - Creating a picture record of every K6!

September 2016

Our aim is to create a picture map of every K6 in the world, we'll need your help!

Please send your pictures and locations of K6 Kiosks using our Facebook page www.facebook.com/K6PhotoGallery, we’ll take care of the rest

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K6 - Now purchase your Telephone Box with Provenance

April 2016

If you'd like to own a K6 Telephone box and know exactly where it was previously installed then X2 Connect are offering to supply a quantity of K6 telephone boxes with Provenance.

We are offering some special purchase kiosks from around the country

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K6 Installation Story - from Newark UK to Switzerland

January 2016

Follow the epic journey of this refurbished K6 Kiosk from customer collection to installation in its new home in Switzerland. Thanks to Christophe for the installation guide and pictures...

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SolarBox - Solar Powered Phone Chargers

October 2014

Britain's iconic red telephone boxes given a green makeover ... as solar-powered mobile phone chargers on the streets of London

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X2 Connect answers a call for help

September 2014

A traditional red telephone box bound for Newark's twin town in Germany, Emmendingen, has been welcomed by its Oberbürgermeister.

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I never knew that about Britain

March 2014

A TV clip from the excellent ITV series "I Never Knew That About Britain"
Episode 4 - Mon 24th March 2014

Suzannah Lipscomb visits a graveyard for the iconic British red phone box

Featuring X2Connect's Newark based remanufacture facility.

Courtesy of ITV
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Russian TV News Clip

June 2012

Shown on Russian News TV (NTV) 26th June 2012 - (Russian narrative) Featuring X2Connect's Newark based facility for the remanufacture of K6 Red Phone boxes.

Courtesy of NTV - (Private UK correspondent - Anton Wolski)
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Inside the Red Phone Box Graveyard

May 2012

As the British design classic is given an Olympic spruce-up - and collectors pay thousands to own one - Sarah Rainey visits their secret resting place.

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BT Press Release

April 2012

BT Sells its Red Phone Boxes for the first time in 25 years.

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