Spare Part Recovery - Product Storage

X2 Connect store customer product ready for call off

Our product recovery team reclaim items from our clients faulty, damaged or end of line products. X2 Connect cost effectively recover usable parts, test and then store these until they are required for future production or repairs by our clients. Our team specialise in recovery of all types of items, electronic components, PCB's, mechanical assemblies, displays. Once the recovery process is complete we recycle and safely dispose of the remainder of the product. X2 Connect are happy to deal with any items you would like to recover.

This environmentally friendly method of stock recovery provides our clients a way of recovering revenue from what would otherwise have been waste product. As products age and more items become obsolete this method of stock recovery is often the most cost effective and sometimes the only way of ensuring the extended life of a product and the continuation of future production.

X2 Connect's facility in Newark Nottinghamshire has a storage capacity for over 2000 pallets.

We provide our clients' full visibility of their stock inventory our dedicated Web based stock inventory portal.

Benefits to our clients

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Extended product lifetimes through the recovery of obsolete items
  • Cost effective product manufacture through recovering items that would otherwise be cost prohibitive to manufacture from new
  • Salvage of high value / high importance items