K6 Delivery
X2 Connect deliver the K6 Kiosk worldwide

UK Delivery

Red Payphone Booth - Delivery
Red Payphone Booth - Delivery

Our delivery vehicle is 10 metres in length and 2.5 metres wide. The crane on the vehicle has a 10 metre reach and can lift the kiosk over a 1.9 (approx) metre wall. In lifting any distance from the vehicle, out-riggers will be a necessity and consequently a further clearance of 1.5 metres either side of the vehicle will be required.

Delivery will be on an agreed date between 0900Hrs and 1600Hrs.

At the delivery address there should be

  • Vehicular access for a small flatbed lorry with no weak spots in the area i.e. manhole covers etc.
  • no overhead obstructions (cables, low branches etc.) which might hinder the crane from operating safely whilst off loading
  • height and side space for the crane to off load the kiosk
  • a solid flat base for the kiosk to be located, capable of withstanding the weight of the kiosk (approx 750Kg)
  • Delivery of the kiosk includes the off loading from the lorry. If this is not the final location for the kiosk, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to move from the point of off load (care should be taken in any further movement as the kiosk weighs approx 750kgs)

Shipping and Delivery outside the UK

X2 Connect can arrange delivery of K6 kiosks outside the UK through our chosen shipping agents. Packaging and crating a kiosk will be the responsibility of our shipping company.

Alternatively customers may decide to arrange their own transportation from X2 Connect Ltd. The crated kiosks dimensions are approx 2.7m x 1.2m x 1.2m, with an approx weight of 790kg