Telephone box replaced after X2 Connect Answers a call for help

September 2014

A traditional red telephone box bound for Newark's twin town in Germany, Emmendingen, has been welcomed by its Oberbürgermeister.

The box will replace one damaged in a storm after an appeal in the Newark Advertiser.

Mr Stefan Schlatterer said: "It's a great idea to have a red phone box in our town. It's a typical English thing. It is a symbol of the friendship of our towns. We will place it in the centre of town."

"People were upset when the box was ruined in the storm and they were asking what we could do about it."

Emmendingen had used a box presented by Newark Twinning Association for the past 25 years before it was damaged by a tree in a storm.

The chairman of the association, Mrs Rita Crowe, appealed in the Advertiser for assistance with repairing or replacing it.

Mr Richard Parker, the managing director of X2 Connect Ltd on Brunel Drive, Newark, donated a replacement. The K6 box, which dates from between 1936 and 1952, formerly stood on Castlegate in Newark. It has been refurbished at X2 Connect and will be officially unveiled in Emmendingen in September, when representatives from the association will travel to Germany to celebrate the 30th anniversary of friendship between the two towns. The box, which has taken about a month to refurbish, will be operated by Deutsche Telekom. Mrs Crowe said: "It's fantastic to get a new one donated. The people of Emmendingen love it. There are a huge amount of people who want to have their photo taken with it." There will be a plaque inside the box saying it has been donated to Emmendingen by X2 Connect and Newark Twinning Association. Mr Matt Harrison, a team leader at X2 Connect, said: "When we first got the box it was in a terrible state. "We had to strip everything out, put a new door in and change all the windows.

Photos of the original Red phone box after the storm and - Oberbürgermeister Stefan Schlatterer, Newark Twinning Charman Mrs Rita Crowe and Mr Matt Harrison Team Leader at X2 Connect in front of the refurbished replacement ready for shipment to Emmendingen. Gudrun Lüdecke, Mayor Tom Bickley, Oberbürgermeister Schlatterer and Rita Crowe at the inauguration of the replacement K6 phone box.Gudrun and Heiner Lüdecke, of the Partner Association for Newark and Susan Greiner urban partnership coordinator admiring the newly installed replacement K6 phone box in Emmendingen.Hachberger's Heralds at the inauguration of the new 'old' K6 phone booth.