Contour Payphone - New £1 Upgrade

Upgrade your BT Contour 100, 200, 300 and XTRA to accept the new £1 coin.

The new £1 coin was introduced into circulation in March 2017 the Royal Mint are producing 1.5 billion of the new coins, after March 2017 the old £1 coin will be quickly phased out. The current £1 coin will lose its legal tender status at midnight on 15 October 2017.

It is therefore recommended that you upgrade your BT Contour payphone to accept the new £1 coin as soon as possible. Programming the new £1 coin into the BT Contour can be carried out by yourself via the simple process of programming the new £1 as a Token. To program a token you'll need to follow the procedure in the Contour user guide, you'll also need to know your PIN and have your keys available to carry out the procedure. If you dont' have a user guide you can download one from here

If you would prefer someone else to program your BT Contour for you then X2 Connect provide this service, we are the company that do this for BT. You will need to send the product in to us, we'll reprogram the new coin for you and while the phone is with us we will also change the battery for you (free of charge, normally £12.50). You'll then be ready to accept the new £1 coin.