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Remanufactured K6 Kiosks - Pricing and Delivery

Products | BT Red Phone Boxes |  K6 Red Phone Box (Kiosks)

These original BT phone boxes are extensively refurbished to a high standard and finished in their original red and black livery.

K6 With St Edwards Crown (Coronation) Emblem - 1952 on variant.
Prices start at £2,250 excluding delivery.

The St Edwards Crown - The St Edward's Crown (representation) - 1952 to date.

K6 With Tudor Crown (King George V Silver Jubilee) Emblem - 1935 - 1952 variant.
Prices start at £2,750 excluding delivery.
This is the oldest K6 iteration and is supplied subject to availability.

George_Crown - The Tudor Crown (representation) - 1935 to 1952

Please Note that VAT @ 20% will be added to the total purchase price

Call - +44 (0)1636 611110 for pricing details and availability.


K6 kiosks date from 1935 to 1967. X2 Connect endeavour to remanufacture as near to the original standard as possible, however it may be necessary to replace or replicate certain items in the event of worn, damaged, faulty or missing items e.g. door furniture and rear panel. The K6 kiosks are predominately of cast iron construction with a timber doorframe and weigh approximately 750kg. In some instances the rear panel maybe of a steel construction.
In the remanufacturing process, exposed surfaces are stripped and repainted. Whilst early casting standards were high, raw cast iron has a heavily textured and pitted composition; additionally there may be inherent imperfections such as pinholes which will remain after painting.
The bare metal and wood is primed with an anti-corrosion primer followed by top coat red paint. The skirt is painted black and the interior roof painted white. The crowns will be painted red with gold colour highlights. Each kiosk is refinished to BT Payphones specification and approval.
Toughened window glass is held in place with silicon and riveted metal glazing frames. TELEPHONE signs will be replaced with new as the original signs suffer from UV degradation.
Electrical items and components such as light fittings and power guards are sold separately at additional cost for either cosmetic or practical purposes. If the light is connected to the mains supply the installation must be carried out by a qualified electrician.
We recommend that a lightning conductor is installed within the kiosk.
The door is controlled by a remanufactured hydraulic closer which is fitted between the top of the door to the main body of the kiosk.
In order to lift the kiosk 4 x small windows will be left out in the top corners. A kit of parts will be supplied for the customer to fit the windows comprising of the following items:

4 x small glazing frames
4 x Small pieces of toughened glass
8 x brass rivets
8 x rivet clips
1 tube of silicon sealant
1 instruction sheet

The dimension of the K6 base is approximately 36 inches (0.91m) x 36 inches and the height is approx 8 feet 4 inches (2.54m).


The following information is required prior to delivery quotation.
1. The complete delivery address including post code.
2. A contact phone number in case of difficulty.
3. Any special delivery instructions.
4. Confirmation that : -
a. There is vehicular access for a small flatbed lorry with no weak spots in the area i.e. manhole covers etc.
b. There are no overhead obstructions (cables, low branches etc.) which might hinder the crane from operating safely whilst off loading.
c. The place where the kiosk is to be off loaded has a solid flat base.
d. There is height and side space for the crane to off load the kiosk.
5. The base for the kiosk should be a solid, flat and built to withstand the stated weight of the kiosk.

It should be noted that the delivery of the kiosk only includes the off loading from the lorry. If this is not the final location for the kiosk, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to move from the point of off load (care should be taken in any further movement as the kiosk weighs approx 750kgs).
If, for whatever reason, the driver cannot gain access or safely unload the kiosk due to incorrect information regarding access, site location, local objections, customer presence etc. the driver will reserve the right to return the kiosk to X2 Connect Ltd and an extra charge will be levied for the return and subsequent delivery.

For your information our delivery vehicle is 10 metres in length and 2.5 metres wide. The crane on the vehicle has a 10 metre reach and can lift the kiosk over a 1.9 (approx) metre wall. In lifting any distance from the vehicle, out-riggers will be a necessity and consequently a further clearance of 1.5 metres either side of the vehicle will be required.

Delivery will be on an agreed date but we cannot guarantee a time except between 0900Hrs and 1600Hrs.

X2 Connect can arrange delivery of K6 kiosks at the customers' expense outside the UK through our chosen shipping agents.
Packaging and crating a kiosk will be the responsibility of our shipping company. Alternatively customers may decide to arrange their own transportation from X2 Connect Ltd.
The crated kiosks dimensions are approx 2.7m x 1.2m x 1.2m, with an approx weight of 790kg.

Products | BT Red Phone Boxes |  K6 Red Phone Box (Kiosks)